WinX Free AVI to FLV Converter

WinX Free AVI to FLV Converter 5.0

WinX Free AVI to FLV Converter is a free video converter to convert AVI to FLV
5.0.7 (See all)

WinX Free AVI to FLV Converter is a free video converter. The application can open AVI files and convert them to FLV files. You can add as many videos to the application as you want, and they will all be converted using the settings that you choose. By default, the converter uses FLV for video and MP3 for audio. I noticed a problem with some converters by WinX related with audio conversion. The problem isn't too important and it can be fixed easily. By default, the application increases the volume of your files by 8 decibels, and this can cause audio quality problems. Sliding the volume bar down to 0 solves the problem.

In terms of design, this converter is really simple and it doesn't have any extra or advanced features. It is a free converter that manages the conversion of files between a single format pair: AVI to FLV.

In my testing, I used a sample DivX AVI file that I had laying around. The conversion process went quite smoothly and the resulting file played well on VLC. I didn't find any problems with it at all. If it weren't for some pixelation in the converted file, I would had said that the quality was identical to the source file.

José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It is free


  • A little problem with audio volume
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